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Prohibited Industries

We do not offer processing for the following industry types:

Industry Type
Associated MCC Description
Adult Content Websites
Adult Content Websites - Primarily selling pornographic videos / content
Asset Protection/Venture Capital
Asset Protection, Venture Capital
B2B Services
B2B services with no prior processing. IT, consulting, marketing, digital solutions, SEO, web design, consulting, accounting
Grey Market Satellite Dealers
Cable box De-scramblers/Grey Market Satellite Dealers
Personal Credit/ID Theft Protection
Personal Credit / ID Theft protection services.
Credit Repair
Credit Repair - Debt - Reduction / Elimination / Counseling / Restoration / Repair/ Consolidation
Transacting Virtual Currency or credits that can be monetized, re-sold or converted to physical or digital goods or services or otherwise exit the virtual world. Currency Exchange/FOREX Trading/Digital Currency/Bitcoins/E-Wallets
Distressed Property Sales & Marketing
Distressed Property Sales and Marketing.
Vape & eCigarette Sales
Vape and e-Cigarette sales
Firearms, Ammo, & Accessories
Firearms, Ammo, Ammunition, Accessories, Guns
Gambling & Gaming
Gambling and Gaming, including Sports Forecasting and Odds Making. Betting, Handicapping, Fantasy Sports, Casino Chips, Lottery, Sweepstakes
3rd Party Gift Card Sales
Gift Card sales by 3rd parties, buying and selling of gift cards
Get Rich Quick Business Opportunities
Get Rich Quick, Business Opportunities, Business Coaching
Marijuana Dispensaries & Related Products
Marijuana dispensaries and related products or services.
*(Related Product or service = Any business that works with or accepts money from a dispensary, grower, distributor.) Medical marijuana, CBD.
Merchant Services
Merchant services packages and processors. Merchant aggregators, Payment facilitation, factoring, marketplaces
Drug Paraphernalia
Drug Paraphernalia, pipes, bongs
Multi-Level Marketing
Multi-level marketing, MLM, Pyramid or suspected Pyramid Schemes
Spiritual Services
Psychic, Astrology, Numerology, Fortunetellers
Social Media Manipulation
Social media activity - Service to increase views, likes, shares, comments, etc on social media
Stem Cells
Stem Cell storage, treatments, etc
Tele-Med (Medical treatment/advice by phone/webcam etc.) Card not present medical exams.
Tobacco Sales - Card Not Present
Tobacco sales (Card Not Present), ecomm smoke shop
Travel-related merchants - Cruises, tours, ticketing, guides, Direct Marketing- Travel Related Services.

Restricted Industries

The following industries have additional conditions that are required to be met prior to being approved:

Industry Type
Additional Conditions Required
Cloud Storage/Cyberlockers
Solar Panels
Merchant must have been in business for 5 years or longer // Financials will be required // 20% reserve must be maintained on any approved account. We reserve the right to increase at its sole discretion // Merchant must have 6 months clean previous processing statements // Merchant must provide 3 months DDA statements (DDA = Direct Deposit Account or Bank Statements) // Personal Guarantee must be signed // Must be approved by Stax/FattMerchant Head of Credit and Merchant Risk